The modern and sustainable
water solution for
your team, wherever you are.

Naturally sourced mineral
water from the UK
Experience with events
and remote locations
Sustainability services
Easy handling and


Mains fed water coolers


Get fresh and clean water for
your team without dealing with
plastic waste.

Bottle fed water coolers


A flexlible water solution
for every location.


Sourced from a natural artesian
spring near Longtown
, our pure
and fresh water comes to your
location via the fastest route in
sustainable packaging.


Once you get our water cooler, it's
super easy to reorder new water
bottles at the times best suited to
your schedule.

our clients

Sustainability & Hygiene

We are committed to lowering our cabon footprint and building a sustainable business.
All of our bottles are collected,
sanitized and reused.
We are proud partners with
We are proud partners with

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Why now hydrate?

High - quality, modern, and practical water solutions with the fastest delivery.
Our experience in the industry helps us create flexible solutions for your
When choosing to work with Now Hydrate, you won't have to worry about extra
cost; we also offer free installation and ongoing servicing.
If your cooler breaks down or needs maintenance, we'll take care of it.
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