About Us

Our values


NowHydrate aims to become
carbon neutral


We provide the best natural, mineral water


Our solutions are created with
our clients' need in mind


Fast delivery will ensure all
colleagues are always hydrated
Studies show that drinking water regularly has many health
from maximizing physical performance and
boosting energy levels and brain function to preventing
headaches and increasing focus.
Who wouldn't want that, right?
We consider ourselves at NowHydrate to be water experts,
and are working hard to provide you with a variety of
solutions that will allow you and your employees to enjoy all
the above benefits effortlessly and sustainably.
We cater to a wide range of industries across the UK. Each of
our clients has different needs; from Film and TV sets who
look for shorter term contract to offices who require bigger
regular deliveries. You can find more information on each
industry on our website or by contacting us below.
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