water solutions

Our practical and modern water solutions can satisfy your hydration needs
wherever you are - a remote location, a construction site, or a busy office.

We offer both mains - fed and bottle - fed water coolers and can help you
decide what option is the best suited for your needs.

Mains-fed coolers

Installed on the water source, they offer
contant fresh water in busy establishments.
There's no need to worry about water
bottles, you'll go 100% sustainable.

Ideal for offices, restaurants, hotels,
or any other type of business.

bottle-fed coolers

Our bottle-fed water coolers offer hydration
wherever you are, with easy installment and
fast delivery. Consume water sustainably with
the help of our collection services.

Perfect for film & TV sets, remote
locations, construction sites, or your

We offer both contactless and standard water coolers.

Calculate how much water you need and let us know if you need a bottle-fed water
cooler - you will be quickly notified about the time of the delivery and installment options.

Still not sure about how much water you need?
Try our water calculator and get the closest estimate.

Water calculator

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